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Why Online Classes are better

In today's era where we are looking over to the future, but we still avoid exploiting the easy and the comfortable modes of technology. Like for the classes we would prefer the personal coaching or training. Reason behind this is we are more bound to the personal touch rather than the virtual realization. But if we don't try the new mediums how would we know their benefits .The biggest strange fact is that the students studying the professional courses where they are going to design the new mediums of technology for people are also avoiding the online classes.

How does it Work

The online classes are the same as personal coaching. Only difference is you are not there physically.

You sit in front of the web camera matter less where ever you are .You don't even have to be in front of the web camera if not required. Only the person teaching stays in front of the camera. Now as the designing involves more of practical works, you can design and show it on the web camera. The person on the other end gives you the comments right then .Also one possibility is you can send the file taking picture of your art work and then the teacher sends you the comments on the mail. So this way it goes 24 x 7.

The next big advantage is that you can stay right at your home and learn everything. Even if you are in some other city .You can get the advantages of the classes. You are not loosing anything. This way you save your energy , money and time by not moving for the classes and learn every thing.



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