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Coaching For NID/MIT/Film and Television Entrance exams

Knowledge Base for All Film and Television production exams
Knowledge base for all prominent Film and TV produciton entrance exams. Postal Material  
Knowledge base for all prominent Film and TV produciton entrance exams. Includes Logical Reasoning and leteral thining.
Postal Material
**The Knowledge base is prepared for all the entrance exams happening in the field of Indian Film and Television Industry. Various questions have appeared in the major entrance exams till now. This knowledge base has helped several film and Television aspirants.Details
Coaching For NID
Class Type Number of hours Duration Fees
Personal Coaching -NID, MIT(UG)(Mumbai)

Sat-Sun 3 hrs.

3 months 15,000/-
Personal Coaching - NID, MIT(PG) (Mumbai) Sat-Sun 3 hrs. 3 months 15,000/-
Online Coaching -NID (UG) 2 hrs Alt. weekdays 3 months 10,000/-
Online Coaching -NID (PG) 2 hrs Alt. weekdays 3 months 10,000 /-
Postal Coaching -NID (UG)     4,500/-
Postal Coaching -NID (PG)     4,500/-

Observation ,Imagination and creativity Builder (Special Course )

Sat-Sun / 2 hrs Alt. weekdays 1 month 2,000/-(Personal/Online)
Sketching with shortcuts and advance tricks Sat-Sun / 2 hrs Alt. weekdays 2 months


Portfolio Preparation Weekends 3 months 5,000/-
Art Work (Recycling Art) Sat_Sun / 2 hrs Alt. weekdays 1 month


Test Series NID( UG/ PG )     FREE @ www.kalakaksha.net

Material Details:

Drawing Basics, Shapes, Forms , basic sketching,  advance sketching, Practice exercises , Perspective knowledge, human figures, animals and birds with tricks, still drawing , proportions ,storyboards , basic animation, lights and shadows, composition , exploded view, picture analysis, creative writing, cross section, exploded view., Psycometric questions solving techniques.
Lines, forms, shapes, color and their significances, design , design principles, famous artists .
Photography, conversions, ergonomics, enlargements

Observation exercises, imagination exercises, creativity exercises.

Sample questions (other than the sample questions at www.kalakaksha.net)

Choose your career in Film and Television Industry

Payment Mode

-Deposit your order amount money BY CHEQUE/ CASH/Netbanking

-You must send  pay in slip either in scanned format at



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Mobile-+91-9920082759 -Maharshi vyas

e mail-Maharshivyas@gmail.com



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** Conditions apply. This is to bring under notice that the guidance is not provided by any alumni of any Institute. The guidance is on the basis of past events , Research and experience in the industry.
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