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Sample answer-68

Ans 1.) A continuous single shot made from a moving boom, assembled like a montage, and incorporating any number of camera levels and angles.

Ans 2.) The measure of the total amount of money or box-office receipts paid by movie-goers to view a movie; also referred to as B. O. or gross ; usually divided into domestic grosses (unadjusted and adjusted for inflation), and worldwide grosses; films with great box-office results or a strong and outstanding performance

Ans 3.) originally meaning "a small piece of artwork," refers to a bit part (usually a brief, non-speaking or walk-on role that is uncredited or unbilled) or special screen appearance by a famous actor, director, or prominent person who would ordinarily not take such a small part; contrast to a bit part ; also refers to a type of camera shot in which the subject is filmed against a black or neutral background.

Ans4.) A non-fiction (factual), narrative film with real people (not performers or actors); typically, a documentary is a low-budget, journalistic record of an event, person, or place; a documentary film-maker should be an unobtrusive observer - like a fly-on-the-wall , capturing reality as it happens; aka doc or docu ; also called direct cinema ; one type is termed docudrama ; contrast with cinema verite and mockumentary







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