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Sample Papers Answers-26



1.MPEG/MPG: a video file format offering excellent quality in a relatively small file, a family of standards used for coding audiovisual information for the internet, DVD and other storage media.
2.MOV: MOV is a file extension used by the QuickTime-wrapped files, can be created by a variety of video editing software. It can be used for internet video, or as uncompressed format in editing.
3.VOB: a container format in DVD-media. It contains actual video, audio, subtitle, menu contents of a DVD. It is created usually by the authoring program.
4.AVI: a multimedia format introduced by Microsoft. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. It is usually found on internet video
5.WMV: is a compressed video format introduced by Microsoft. Originally it was mostly used for internet streaming. Its latest codec is one of the 3 video codecs in Blu-Ray discs.

Ans 2.)

a.Blocking a shot
The process of figuring out where the camera goes, how the lights will be arranged, and what the actors' positions and movements - moment by moment - are for each shot or take; often, the specific staging of a film's movements are worked out by the director, often with stand-ins and the lighting crew before actual shooting
b. Blue-screen shot
A special-effects process whereby actors work in front of an evenly-lit, monochromatic (usually blue or green)background or screen. The background is then replaced (ormatted) in post-production by chroma-keying or optical printer, allowing other footage or computer-generated images to form the image
c.Buzz track
A soundtrack of natural, atmospheric, on-location background noise that is added to the re-recorded (orlooped) track of actors' dialogue and other sound effects recordings to create a more realistic sound; aka referred to as room tone or matching ambient sound; a wild
Refers to a bit part (usually a brief, non-speaking or walk-on role that is uncredited or unbilled) or special screen appearance by a famous actor, director, or prominent person who would ordinarily not take such a small part. 
CGIor Computer-Generated Imagery (or Images), a term referring to the use of 3D computer graphics and technology (digital computers and specialized software) in film-making to create filmed images, special effects and the illusion of motion; often used to cut down on the cost of hiring extras.



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