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About the Knowledge Base

Details About the knowledge base

The name Knowledge base is kept because it acts as the base for all the Film and TV industry entrance exams. It will help in any examination pattern . The purpose of this knowledge base is to give you an environment of film and Television production. This collection of books will act as the base for knowing the film and Telvision Industry. Also will help you to prepare for any film industry related entrance exam.This can also be used by the professionals to enhance their technical knowledge.

Check out the topics covered below in the knowledge base.

1. General Knowledge over various topics.

2. Some topics which can come in various entrance exams.

3. Various articles collected from various sources . Many questions have appeared in FTII entrance test and more can be expected from these articles.

4. Knowledge about various artists, Films, TV shows etc.

5. Technical knowledge useful for the Film and TV production .

6. Its like Film magazine where you will find topics related to film and television media.

7. Logical reasoning, lateral thinking excercises to enhance the logical mind .


Choose your career in Film and Television Industry





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