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Film making :Choose your interest

Filmmaking is a complex business .It starts with an idea and then proceeds to the writing of the scripts, the selection of the crew, shooting and postproduction. Popular career in film include acting, directing, scriptwriting, and producing.

Acting- Acting involves hard work, with long and irregular working hours. It can be taken up at any age. Acting is an art and thus then improvement and honing of this craft is a lifelong endeavor, and there is always room for growth.

Direction- Directors supervise and choreograph all aspects of the motion picture production, translating the script, theme or idea to the audio visual image.

Editor- Editors are concerned with the cutting - digitally or conventionally - of the material and creating the continuity of the picture

Screen writers- Screenwriters are creative people, who write a screenplay or revise an existing one, or participate in writing material during planning and/or production phase of the project

Cinematographer- Cinematographers compose the film shots to reflect the mood the director wishes to create. They may not usually operate the camera, but would plan and coordinate the actual filming .Camera operators normally handle all the camera movements and perform the actual shooting

Art Director- Art director design the film or television set to create the mood called for the script, costume , lighting , and the set designers are equally interesting occupations in the film industry.

Job Prospects-

Glamour and fame are typical reason that attract people to a career in films , but only talent, hard work , perseverance , imagination , the ability to handle uncertainty and a finger on the pulse of the audience makes one a successful film professional.
Feature films are the most popular area within film making, but a filmmaker could be making documentaries, advertising films, publicity films and educational films as well.
The proliferation of television channels and advertising has created openings for films professionals .T he competition for the jobs however, is keen, and those with flair and the right connection continue to get opportunities to prove themselves time and again.


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