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FTII past year papers

The questions for FTII are very simple. Which would mean that anyone can solve them . But if anyone can solve them, who gets selected? Only the one with difference and interesting presentation wins extra marks.

What the ongoing exam pattern ?

As per the ongoing pattern, the paper is divided into 2 parts with 50: 50 marks distribution.

Part 1: This part is a general paper. Same for all specializations. Total marks 50 .

20 marks for GK from the field of cinema, art, literature, history, places and science etc may come. Total questions 20. From past two years these are coming in form of multiple choice questions format.

Examples: Please note that below questions have not appeared in any exams. These are to give you an Idea

1. ___________was the first Oscar nominated Indian film?

2 ._________ was the first 70 mm film to be made in India  ?

3 .____________ is called the father of Indian Cinema  ?

4 Where is the Indus Civilization city Lothal ?

5._____________ was also called Frontier Gandhi

6. ______________ is a martial dance

7. With which of the following religions are monasteries, temples and stupas associated ?

8. Lingraj temple was build by___________

9 . Birju Maharaj is famous for _______ dance form.

10.___________ was the greatest Bhakti poet of Maharashtra ?

11. The headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross are at _______________

12. Who directed the film “Gandhi” ?

13.. _________ was the first actor to become a Chief Minister of a state ?

14.___________ was the first actress to become a Chief Minister of a state ?

15. Author of “Computer Liberation and Dream Machine” is __________

16. Bamboo Dance is the folk dance of _____________ ?

17 Who is called “Bihar Gandhi”

18. “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the time people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time” these word are said by_____________

19. Yala National Park is situated in which country ?

20. The character James Bond was created by ?


30 marks for general topics over current affairs, films & television industry related, reviews and comments etc. These essay type questions appear in the form of Short notes, dialogue writing, review writing, audio visual writing etc. Total questions 4-5 .

Examples: Please note that below questions have not appeared in any exams. These are to give you an Idea

1.Answer the Following

a. Rich Heritage of india

b. What genre of films you like to watch most. Why?

2. What will you do if you find 1000 crores in your saving account transferred .How will you spend the whole money in your whole lifetime. (words limit 200 words)

3.)Write the sound for

a.)Crowd with three prominent figures at a railway station
b.)IPL match

4. A boy named Sarthak goes to some renowned baba for getting the solution to his personal life problems. Write the conversation between the Baba and sarthak over the problem and its solutions.

Part 2: This part is for specialization. Total Marks 50.

50 marks are divided in 4-5 questions. These essay type questions comes in the form of short notes, writing our views over topics, likes and dislikes, working technique of something.

For sound Engineering- some basic mathematics and basic science questions are also expected.

Examples: Please note that below questions have not appeared in any exams. These are to give you an Idea

1.Suppose you are told to put the sound of a riot scene for a radio show. For a five minute show what all sounds will you put to give an idea about the riot scene.-

2.Write about “Film industry 10 years down the line”

3. Film with unusual editing according to you?

How to present the answers effectively?

You can prepare for various Film and TV Institutes with “ Knowledge Base ” –The knowledge base is prepared with thorough research and findings from the specific Film and TV industry . It's a collection of articles from various sources, current affairs, general knowledge, mental ability etc .you can learn how to write the reviews, dialogues, analysing a picture etc.These are meant specifically to give you knowledge about the film and TV Industry. More

Choose your career in Film and Television Industry

Disclaimer: The examples of questions presented above are prepared by collecting informations from the students who took the exams. Do not stick to just this pattern . The exam pattern may change in future.


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